We provide services that work, and if they don't, we want to know about it.

We don't consider a sale complete until our customers are happy and satisfied with the service.

Our guarantee is a handshake - a promise that we'll be fair to each other.

So if something isn't working or standing up to its task, we'll provide a refund.

It is as simple as that.

We want to make sure we keep our guarantee the way it's always been since we first started transacting business.

Details and Special Circumstances To help protect our customers and make sure every return or exchange is dealt with fairly,

we may either require a telephone conversation regarding the matter or decline a refund request or exchange in certain situations, including:

Misuse of the Return Policy

Unfortunately, it's a reality.

Most of the time, it involves attempted requests for refund where underlying services were consumed.

That's not part of the deal.

As long as your refund request is reasonable and has merit, we can keep our guarantee exactly as it has been since we first started transacting business.